Mindfulness For Everyone

This workshop is focused on Mindfulness in everyday life. It is intended to be relatable for anyone interested in learning more about HOW to live mindfully. 

There are so many books and articles and reports about the benefits of mindfulness and meditation, but I want to provide concrete practices and approaches to incorporating it into real life. We will talk about what is Mindfulness, the importance in everyday life, and how to get started with the practice. We'll discuss some science and facts, but mostly focus on incorporating the practice into real life situations. The practices I offer do not require you to sit in meditation at all if you don't want to; however, we will go over the benefits of meditation-physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. 

The goal is for you to leave with a fuller understanding of yourself and the workings of your mind and emotions. You'll hopefully feel more in control of your own contentment and more grounded in real life situations and stresses.

Workshops and Retreats

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Mindfulness in the Workplace 

This workshop is focused on incorporating Mindfulness into a professional or office setting. It highlights how practicing Mindfulness benefits both the individual and the whole. 

We'll go over what what Mindfulness is and how to incorporate it into real life so as to optimize personal performance and office interactions. We'll over the dangers of prolonged stress and anxiety, and how to cope with it. We'll also dicsuss fostering one's focus, contentment, relationships and performance in the workplace.

You'll leave with a better understanding of how a personal practice of Mindfulness can benefit your own well-being and that of the entire group.

Mindfulness for Students 

This workshop is created specifically to recognize and relate to issues faced by teens and young adults. It addresses what Mindfulness is, why it is useful, and how to go about incorporating it into daily life.

We'll talk about the dangers of prolonged stress and anxiety-physically, mentally and socially-in a way that is palatable and practical. We'll also discuss personal branding and the importance of self awareness, self discipline and self responsibility in our everyday actions and interactions. 

Students will walk away with a better idea of how to incorporate mindfulness into their everyday lives and situations to optimize how they show up in the world. This workshop is threaded with science and facts, but it mostly digs into actual practices, examples  and real life relatability-things you can't really find on google.